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Bar Council: use direct access barristers instead of paid McKenzie Friends

Litigants with limited funds should use direct access barristers to represent them in court rather than pay for McKenzie Friends, the Bar Council has argued. The Bar Council, along with the Law Society and Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, supported the judiciary’s call for a ban on professional McKenzie Friends.

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Law Society pushes ahead with governance reforms

The Law Society has said it is making progress in its overhaul of governance, after its ruling council agreed that work should be done to “develop suggestions for change in more detail”. However, it is unclear exactly what council members have agreed.

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LSB rule change to put spotlight on spending by professional bodies

The Legal Services Board has announced a change in its practising certificate fee rules, which will put the spotlight on spending by professional bodies such as the Law Society and Bar Council. Both professional bodies opposed the change.

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LSB research highlights surge in Law Society spending on ‘permitted purposes’

Law Society spending on non-regulatory ‘permitted purposes’, such as law reform and practice support, surged by £6.3m in the four years between 2010 and 2014, research by the Legal Services Board has revealed. The research was part of the LSB’s investigation into the cost of legal services regulation.

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One in five law firms targeted by scammers in past year, Law Society research reveals

More than one in five law firms have been targeted by scammers in the past year, Law Society research has revealed. Money was successfully stolen from client account in 8% of these cases. However the society’s annual indemnity survey found that average premiums paid by firms with up to 25 partners were down by 8%.

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Report: ABSs punch well above their weight

Alternative business structures (ABS) make up just 4% of all solicitors’ firms but contributed 11% of the profession’s turnover, research has revealed. The Law Society’s annual statistical report, found ABSs were spread broadly across the different turnover bands, with around 50 of them having income in excess of £10m.

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Law Society criticised by its own FoI adjudicator over Blacker e-mails

The Law Society has apologised to its freedom of information adjudicator after failing to provide him with an “additional and substantial” body of information relating to ‘Harry Potter solicitor’ Alan Blacker, also known as Lord Harley. Adam Sowerbutts described the incident as “troubling”.

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Politicians put emphasis on public legal education as lawyers urged to see benefits

Helping to enhance public understanding of the law will “unlock demand for legal services”, solicitors have been advised as part of a new push to promote public legal education (PLE). It came as a high-powered non-partisan group of MPs and peers was formed to promote PLE.

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Solicitors call for Online Court to have lower £10,000 limit

The London Litigation Solicitors Association and the Law Society are pushing for a lower £10,000 limit for cases in the Online Court. In his interim report, Lord Justice Briggs proposed a limit of £25,000. The LSLA said that there should be fixed or capped costs for litigation between £10,000 and £25,000.

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Exclusive: government indicates that Law Society will lose practising fee funding

The Ministry of Justice has given its strongest indication yet that, once the legal regulators become independent, lawyers will no longer be compelled to make a financial contribution to their representative bodies.

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