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JustisOneLogo200JustisOne is one of the largest collections of case law and legislation ever assembled.

JustisOne allows users to search, interpret and visualise case law and legislation documents dating back as far as 1852. JustisOne assists in turning legal data and content into legal insights that can be used in a court of law. The powerful toolset includes case relationship visualisation, multiple viewers, heatmaps and the ability to contextualise any citation, transforming how  lawyers, librarians and students alike understand and interpret the law.

Legal research has never been an easy task. First-year law students and top-flight barristers alike have always had to trawl through hundreds of cases and thousands of words to identify precedent and interpret the law. In addition to law libraries, lawyers typically rely on rudimentary technology to research the vast, subscription-based online repositories.

JustisOne has developed algorithms that identify the most important passages in legal authorities, and built interactive visual tools that enable lawyers to navigate and explore entire families of related cases – you can discover, in seconds what previously would have taken hours or even days to do.

JustisOne is available now on a monthly subscription basis and also for entire teams. There is a free version which gives users coverage dating back to 2001.

You can sign up for a free trial at www.justisone.com or to talk to us about whole team or educational needs please email caroline.galek@justis.com.