Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators steps up bid to become regulatory body

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By Legal Futures

7 September 2010

Gorringe: seeking ultimate accolade of being a regulatory body

The Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators (ILCA) is to change its name to the Institute of Legal Finance and Management as it steps up its bid to become a regulatory body and have a member of staff in every legal practice qualified in legal accounting.

The institute said that, having canvassed views from the membership, it was clear that members thought that the words “cashier” and “administrator” no longer described their positions working within a legal accounts department.

In a statement, it explained: “It was felt that the position of cashier had changed over the years, from merely posting daily receipts and payments on to ledger cards, to a more demanding role. The ILCA is proud to promote the fact that its membership now ranges from billing clerks to practice managers and from legal cashiers to legal disciplinary practice members.” The change will take effect from 12 November.

It continued: “The last 32 years has seen the ILCA establishing, maintaining and contributing to developing standards of excellence in legal finance through training and the sharing of best practices… The executive council and the CEO [Alison Gorringe] will continue to develop the institute under its new name to achieve the ultimate accolade of becoming a regulatory body within the legal world.”

ILCA has been building the case for statutory recognition for some years. It took particular heart from the comments of Solicitors Regulation Authority chief executive Antony Townsend to its annual luncheon in September 2007, at which he said: “What better demonstration of commitment to quality and high standards could a solicitor have than by showing that his or her staff included members of the ILCA? Knowledge of that might enable the SRA, as regulator, to rely more upon the integrity of the firm.”


One Response to “Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators steps up bid to become regulatory body”

  1. My whole hearted support for recognition by the SRA of institute of legal cashier as authentic body to deal with solicitor’s accounts etc.

  2. M Bhayat on January 12th, 2016 at 4:33 pm

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