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Legal Futures events have been running since 2011, showcasing change and innovation in the legal sector . Our conferences bring the pioneers who have been hitting the headlines and enable delegates to gain insight into the new business models, pricing strategies, strategic alliances and partnerships widely predicted to cause market disruption over the coming years.


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November 2015: From ABS to AI

At this year’s Annual Innovation Conference, delegates explored the hot issue of artificial intelligence and how it is being applied to the law now and in the future. AI might seem a long way in the future for most, but as a marker for the transformational impact technology is likely to have on the legal world, it is a powerful notion.

September 2015: PI Futures: Making personal injury pay

Delegates at this year’s PI Futures not only explored new structures and operators, but how to keep personal injury a profitable line of work, while ensuring access to justice for injured people.

July 2015: NatWest mmadigital From Click to Client

At the second Click to Client conference, we introduced key players in the industry to share their wisdom and know-how on everything from confronting the digital challenge and the best digital marketing techniques to following through client calls and the key to client satisfaction.

April 2015: Regulation and Compliance Conference

November 2014: The Era of the Entrepreneur

November 2014: PI Futures – Who’s holding the whip hand?

June 2014: NatWest mmadigital From Click to Client

November 2013: 2020 Vision

October 2013: New business models for the Bar

September 2013: PI Futures: Making profit post-LASPO