Tikit brings smartnumbers, the cloud based voice services provider to the legal and professional services market, to enhance business continuity plans

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21 February 2014

Tikit, part of the BT Group and a leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms have today announced a strategic partnership with the people behind the smartnumbers services, Resilient Networks. The partnership sees Tikit and Resilient collaborate to offer the smartnumbers suite to ensure calls from clients are never missed, no matter where they are or whatever happens.

More than most other sectors, legal and professional services firms place great value on being available to clients when they call. This is firstly to improve client service, where being able to immediately speak to a lawyer at their time of need can be a critical requirement. But secondly, it’s becoming increasingly important for firms to protect their revenue and reputation, which can be negatively impacted by not being available when needed.
There are many reasons why firms can struggle to take calls from their clients.  This may be due to business change, where a merger or acquisition has resulted in office consolidations or reorganisations. Sometimes an IT failure or denial-of-access event prevents staff from operating a normal service from their offices. Or it may be that staff are working on a client site, from another office or overseas, where calls made to the company land-line are not easy to connect the client with their lawyer.


To address these challenges, Tikit have worked with Resilient to provide the ®smartnumbers service to assure firms that calls from clients will always be delivered to the right lawyer or team, wherever they are, whenever they phone no matter what type of business disaster occurs.
“We have a strong heritage in helping the legal and professional services sector improve their client experience” explained Lloyd Ellison, Head of BT Sales,Tikit.  “While online service channels are increasingly popular, law and professional services firms are still largely dependent on voice communication as it enables them to quickly solve complex problems with clients. ®smartnumbers provides customers a reliable and flexible service for clients to control where calls are delivered.”


James Foley, VP of Sales, Resilient Networks added, “We have listened closely to the needs of legal and professional services firms to understand the importance they place on their clients calls and we believe that ®smartnumbers is an ideal response to the unique characteristics of this sector. Our ®smartnumbers services have already been adopted across the financial services sector by all the retail and investment banks.  Combining the insight and innovation from these sectors and Tikit’s broad base of experience within the legal and professional services makes it an ideal partnership”.

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