Tikit Announces Strategic Partnership with Introhive

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17 May 2017

TikitNew partnership empowers law firms to increase CRM user adoption and analytics

Tikit, part of BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, and Introhive, a supplier of data automation and relationship intelligence software for CRM, today announced a strategic partnership which will leverage Introhive’s capabilities with law firm customers. The focus on quality data, a pre-requisite for successful business development, as well as end user adoption can be successfully driven through Introhive’s technology.

Tikit has a long history of success with helping firms better manage their relationships, with over 120 firms using their eMarketing solution and a CRM consulting team dedicated to the Legal sector.  The company understands that law firms’ challenges associated with CRM adoption are largely due to the difficulties in getting end-users engaged in the process. Introhive not only solves this problem but helps drive relationship management and development.

End-user engagement in the CRM system remain a significant challenge for law firms despite the efforts of both the CRM vendors and the firms’ marketing and business development departments. Introhive tackles this challenge head on by almost eliminating the effort required of end-users to contribute information into the CRM system. With good, accurate data flowing automatically into the CRM system, business development initiatives will have a significantly greater chance of success.

Having ensured that there is good contact and activity data flowing into the CRM system Introhive offers further benefits by automatically analysing all of a firm’s relationships and mapping them. Surfacing relationships in this way leads to better internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerate the sales process.

“Introhive is an up and coming enterprise software company that addresses a critical law firm business development and CRM adoption problem,” stated Simon Elven, Tikit’s Commercial and Marketing Director. “We are thrilled to partner with Introhive to offer law firms new value-based ways of getting the most out of their CRM investment.”

Stewart Walchli, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Introhive commented, “We are very excited about our partnership with Tikit. Tikit is recognized as a global leader in delivering technology solutions to law and professional services firms. Tikit’s expertise, combined with Introhive’s data automation and relationship intelligence platform, will help firms leverage their relationships to grow their business.”

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