SearchFlow’s investment in people delivers customer service excellence

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11 March 2015

Searchflow200xSearchFlow has secured accreditation from the world-renowned Investors in People programme, thanks to the continued development and training of its staff.

As part of its proposition to make lawyers’ lives easier, SearchFlow offers its staff ongoing development to ensure they have the relevant expertise and knowledge. This investment ensures staff are able to provide exceptionally high standards of service to conveyancers and lawyers, reflected in the search company’s latest Net Promoter Score, which has risen to an industry-leading 58.

“Investors in People is highly regarded as a mark of excellence in people management and I am delighted and proud of all those who work at SearchFlow,” explains John Pickford, SearchFlow’s Managing Director. “We were awarded the Investors in People accreditation first time round, which is quite unusual – it’s more common for recommendations to be made before accreditation is awarded.

“Investment in staff is vital to the success of any business but we recognise it’s especially important in a service-led environment like SearchFlow. Our people are our strongest asset so we have to make sure their development is comprehensive and ongoing, to continue to offer excellent service to our clients.”

The Investors in People process involves a rigorous and objective assessment, including lengthy discussions with staff across the business, to determine a company’s performance. Anonymous feedback from SearchFlow employees which featured in the Investors in People report include:

“I have been working for different organisations for over 20 years and this is the most development I have had.”

“When new things are introduced in the team our manager asks and respects our opinions.”

“There is definitely a commitment to develop me in my current role.”

“Teamwork is excellent – knowledge sharing is good and colleagues help each other out.”

“It’s fantastic to hear such positive feedback from our staff,” continues Pickford. “They feel valued so we know what we’re doing is working. I’m delighted we’ve achieved this prestigious accreditation, and our improved Net Promoter Score is evidence that when you invest in your staff, you get the best from them in return – it’s an extra morale boost.”

SearchFlow’s HR manager, Helen Marsh adds, “I’m so proud of the staff at SearchFlow. They continuously work with us so that we can offer them the best training and development to suit their needs. Everyone has worked very hard and it’s great to see that hard work pay off.”

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