Redbrick Solutions announce latest version of Redbrick Practice Management

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11 February 2015

RedbrickRedbrick Solutions have announced this week that the latest version of their revolutionary practice management solution has been released. This release marks a number of enhancements to new functionality to benefit clients.

  • Custom fields have been further enhanced to now also include labels, giving the client further customisation options.
  • Enhanced file search allows a client to filter by introducer, negotiator, increased month options and customise your own search tool bar, allowing for easier access and matter reporting.
  • Task enhancements allow the client to intelligently populate the To-Do screen from the Progress Screen with no additional clicks. There are also now additional options for multiple triggers on tasks, further reducing the time spent on the matter.
  • Import files from other matters at the click of a button and search document templates, allowing easier access and quicker document production time.
  • Additional BI integration gives clients additional functionality in sending across data to Business Intelligence.
  • Probate specific enhancements include: linking assets to liabilities, manage beneficiaries as percentages – and auto calculate.
  • SMS messages are now enabled in Quote stage so that you can communicate via text pre instruction.
  • Improved AML clients are now able to access a wider range of AML checks, including Company Credit Report, Financial Report and Business Reports, with the results and full history saved against the client automatically. Client information updated in the AML search can now be automatically updated back to the case as well.
  • SDLT enhancements amounts can now be calculated automatically in the Property Details screen and there are further enhancements to the SDLT Portal integration meaning more information is now passed through.

Existing clients will automatically receive the latest version of Redbrick Practice Management at no cost with Redbrick Solutions unique business model. All new clients will receive the latest version straight away. Redbrick Solutions are one of the fastest growing Practice Management providers in the UK with two consecutive years of record growth.

Redbrick Solutions are the only case management provider to have achieved the Legal Eye Quality Standard.

Redbrick Practice Management is currently utilised by over 500 firms in the UK either across the whole of the firm or in one specific department. Wherever it is used the benefits are reassuringly the same – matters are handled more efficiently throughout, from sending quotes to file opening, documents, legal forms, intelligent workflows and timely billing with accurate, business critical reporting.

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