OneSearch Direct searches offer the homebuyer conveyancing panel peace of mind

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3 December 2014

Managing Director, Ronnie Park

OneSearch Direct, the largest local authority data search company in the UK, has announced it is now supplying its local Authority, drainage and water searches to We Help You Too Ltd, which manages the homebuyer conveyancing panel.

“Homebuyer conveyancing is made up of a panel of quality licensed conveyancers and solicitors that cover the counties in England and Wales,” explains Duncan Pattinson, managing director, We Help You Too Ltd.

We are focused on making the customer experience less stressful for potential clients looking for a lawyer to act for their property transaction.  This is achieved by working with key providers and by developing new business processes, to add value to the lawyer proposition.

“Because we can now provide access to OneSearch’s vast local authority dataset, we are able to supply the most accurate property searches available for the peace of mind of our customers,” continues Pattinson.

“As well as providing accurate information, the OneSearch searches can be completed in just a few days and so this is also an attractive proposition for our conveyancing clients. Many law firms from our panel are currently using searches powered by OneSearch Data and as a result are enjoying one click ordering, providing the best value service possible to help enhance all points of the customer journey.”

“Pattinson’s pre-requisite was that he wanted a search provider with big data experience that could manage information, benefiting many markets,” confirms Ronnie Park, managing director, OneSearch Direct.  “Accuracy forms part of the compliance required to ensure informed decisions are being made by both lawyer and client.

“As the largest local authority data search company in the UK we have invested around £10 million in the integrity of our data set and the accuracy of the information we supply is paramount,” continues Park.

“Our information is updated on a daily basis and making our vast database of local authority information accessible to different markets is a key deliverable of our business.”

“We are delighted to be supplying searches to solicitors on the homebuyer conveyancing panel,” continues Park.

“Access to our vast dataset means solicitors can now supply the most accurate and best value search service to clients across England and Wales.  The clients can also make use of our joint solution: the ‘assured homebuyer conveyancing pack’ which includes abortive transaction insurance policy underwritten by DAS, Europe’s leading legal expenses insurer.”

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