OchreSoft in record-breaking completion of conveyancing deal

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18 February 2015

PrintLegal workflow specialist, OchreSoft, has announced details of its latest client go-live in the conveyancing market – setting a new company record in the process. Having been appointed by Norwich firm Spire Solicitors LLP, Ochresoft rolled out its Intelliworks software across six offices in just one week, its fastest ever deployment.

Spire was looking not just for a best-in-class conveyancing solution but also a team that could meet its very ambitious project deadline. With Intelliworks emerging as the stand-out candidate on grounds of efficiency, usability and compliance, it came down to the speed and quality of implementation. Having assured Spire it could deliver in just one week, four legal trainers arrived on site on the Monday morning and by the following Monday, 35 conveyancing staff were live on the system.

Commenting on the project Spire’s Nick Lightbown said: “Spire is the result of a three-way merger and one of our early challenges was to ensure we had a high quality, consistent and compliant case system embedded quickly across our dispersed teams. That in turn put pressure on vendors, not only to demonstrate their product credentials but also to prove their project capabilities. The idea of signing a contract and then waiting weeks or even months just to kick off the roll-out was a complete non-starter – we couldn’t risk prejudicing our standards, efficiency or delivery to clients. We were extremely impressed by the whole Ochresoft proposition, sentiments that were only strengthened when we were up and running within days of putting pen to paper.”

Ochresoft’s Pauline Freegard is quick to underscore the importance of such a swift go-live: “So many IT projects lose sight of their core aim, that is the provision of tools that help legal professionals do their work more efficiently and to a high quality and compliant standard. You can have the best software in the world but if it’s still being rolled out, or forever tweaked, or poorly utilised, then a firm is never going to see a return. Intelliworks is as close to as ‘out of the box’ as you can get, but it still needs a degree of set-up and user training. With Spire, we’ve shown that the efficiency of our software is more than matched by that of our projects team.’


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