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1 May 2014

mmadigital has always held the strong belief that those that can help others less fortunate than themselves should. With this in mind we’ve always been happy to discuss how we might lend our resources and expertise to charitable organisations, to help them promote themselves and increase donations for their cause.

In the past this has led us to work with some inspiring people who have either faced significant hardship themselves or do all they can to help provide support for others. These have included: The Prince’s Trust, Coppafeel and Bullying UK. However, a recent experience has led me to believe that mmadigital can do even more to help others.

While travelling in India, I came upon the village of Ranthambhore. This area of India is very close to the jungles where Asian tigers reside. There is a lot of poaching in the area as the tigers attack the villagers’ farms for food. Sadly there was little to persuade the locals to not kill the endangered tigers. The people are very poor and so their livelihoods are very important.

That is until The Prakratik Society was set up. This organisation raises funds to pay for schooling and health care for the locals and also explores ways in which they can make a living from tourists wanting to see the tigers. The society has now built a hospital and a school but they still need continuous support to pay for supplies and medical and teaching staff.

While relaying to the team the emotional experiences in Ranthambhore, we decided that we would work hard to support The Prakratik Society. We plan to sponsor the education of a child in the village by donating £5000. Joe, a senior designer at mmadigital is also currently looking to raise money for the charity by walking the length of India.

While many firms will have a charity of the year, or organise occasional charity events in the office, we urge you to also think about creating your own #GivingBack idea. Speak to charities you want to support about the services you could provide pro-bono. Quite often the help of an expert can be ten times a charitable donation.

To find out more about the charities mmadigital works with, please visit our #GivingBack pages and join in if you see our #GivingBack posts on social media.

Dez Derry is CEO of mmadigital

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