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18 May 2015

Lawyer Checker200MJP Conveyancing pride themselves on offering a nationwide service, quickly and professionally; seeking to remove as much of the stress as possible for their clients treating each and every transaction with the same care and attention as the last.

They are a team who is dedicated to ensuring the best possible service to clients whilst adhering to due diligence industry expectations and the ever present threat of fraudulent transactions.

It is for all of the above reasons that MJP Conveyancing have placed protecting client money as top priority this year through the integration of Lawyer Checker’s AES (Account and Entity Screen) search into their already efficient service.

Lawyer Checker’s AES search compliments MJP’s desire to offer all of their clients a clear and efficient service – all searches are returned within the 4 hour window promised with many delivered in less than an hour.

How MJP make it work for them:

Applying a blanket policy when carrying out the AES search to all to its residential transactions, MJP Conveyancing ensures that as a firm they offer their client reassurance that they are doing everything possible to safeguard that the recipient account is bona fide.

Where monies are being remitted to another firm; regardless of how well they know the firm, Lawyer Checker’s AES search allows MJP to equip themselves with information which will help them, along with their COLP, make an informed decision.

Director David Pett explains why the integration of Lawyer Checker has been at the heart of MJP’s fight against fraud:

‘We pride ourselves on offering our nationwide client base the very best in conveyancing. With an average turnaround time to exchange of 3 weeks, we want to ensure that we are doing our very best when dealing with client and lender money.

In this new age of the cyber conveyancer, a check like Lawyer Checker’s AES search is the easiest, efficient and most cost effective way to furnish the team with the information they need to understand whether or not the recipient firm’s account number has a history of conveyancing transactions.

This in turn enables us to ensure due diligence and adherence to Principle 10. We have applied a blanket policy to our use of Lawyer Checker meaning that every single transaction is subject to an AES search against the recipient account number.

We have found the service to be exceptional, searches are through quickly with information provided to us that would take hours for fee earners to find and therefore is a win for both our business as well as our clients.’

To find out more about how to protect your client’s money call 0800 133 7127 or find out how to sign up by clicking the link.


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