Leading expert witness company to launch multi-lingual document collection service to the legal market

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1 July 2013

Laird Assessors are one of the largest providers of automotive expert witness reports in the UK.  Since their inception in 2000 they have provided reports dealing predominantly with motor accidents; vehicle damage assessments through to forensic accident investigation.

Over recent years their range of services have widened to include locus reports, witness statements and injury photography, which are not necessarily related to road traffic accidents, but could be as a result of criminal proceedings, medical negligence, industrial accidents, etc.

With a solid reputation in the industry for professionalism, accuracy and efficiency, the company feels it has a concrete basis for expanding its range to include a document collection service.

They provide an explanation of legal documents to clients, collected relevant documents, ID and signatures and return them electronically within minutes of collection, with a hard copy following in the post or DX.

This service will be branded as Sign on the Line with its own dedicated website for automated online booking & document management system delivering the accuracy & speed existing clients have come to expect with the automotive reports.

Laird Assessors MD, Nik Ellis said, “We have been honing and perfecting our processes and service to ensure that it is the best it can be.  We have invested heavily in our staff members and IT to ensure that we have a platform that is second to none.  We have spoken to our customers, researched their needs and developed an offering that specifically suits their requirements.  All of this combines to create the perfect opportunity for us to introduce Sign on the Line.”

The new service offers document collection, intelligence-led investigation and interpretation services across the UK.  The new business focuses on having the best and most up to date technology to drive down turnaround times and improve efficiency for clients.  It ensures that all agents are qualified with unparalleled knowledge and expertise to maintain a competitive advantage.

Sign on the Line will also be hosting a launch party at the beginning of August to introduce its services.  It will be an interesting period for both Laird Assessors and Sign on the Line – definitely one to watch.  For more information, please call 0151 342 0670 or email direct to results@signontheline.co.uk.


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