German law firm, Jebens Mensching LLP, selects Lexis InterAction to leverage relationship intelligence

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10 February 2016

LexisNexis200Jebens Mensching LLP, a German boutique law firm specialising in legal, regulatory and tax advice for property transactions, is deploying customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Lexis InterAction, from LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, a provider of technology solutions to professional services firms.

InterAction will expose the depth and breadth of Jebens Mensching’s existing relationships and allow the firm to leverage the relationship intelligence to uncover opportunities for business growth and enhance client service.

InterAction will be the central resource for all relationship-related information. Post integration with the firm’s document management system, the solution will automatically collect personnel data from emails and matter-related correspondence in the document management system and combine with the corresponding information in InterAction to give the firm a comprehensive view of its network of connections.

Jebens Mensching will also have the ability to calculate the strength of every relationship in its network, which will serve as valuable insight for business planning and development initiatives.

“Our business is specialised, we primarily undertake high value transactions,” explained Dr. Philipp Jebens, partner at Jebens Mensching LLP. “Consequently, it’s imperative that we have a shared, 360 degree view of our network of relationships across the firm to help us deliver the best client service possible.”

Jebens Mensching chose InterAction for its suitability for professional services firms, wide adoption globally and ease of integration with other business systems.

“Due to the complex connections and relationships between people, expertise, experience and organisations, manually trying to establish the intricate connections is impossible,” stated Guy Phillips, sales director at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

“Automating processes is the only way to do so accurately and meaningfully. We are confident that Jebens Mensching will benefit greatly from InterAction.”

The Lexis InterAction customer relationship management solution is designed for professional services organisations to help drive business relationships, accelerate firm growth and increase revenue.

By providing powerful relationship intelligence that goes beyond ‘who knows whom’, the solution uncovers unanticipated risks, facilitates personalised and streamlined communications and enables execution of business development plans that can be measured by client, segment or industry – all enabling firms to deliver value and exceed client expectations.

InterAction can be accessed by users from within Microsoft Outlook and ‘on the move’ from a range of mobile devices.


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