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Mayson: Brexit is not a good excuse to delay legal regulatory reform

Stephen Mayson NEW

The focus on Brexit should not hold back regulatory reform in the legal sector, leading market observer Professor Stephen Mayson has urged, countering calls by the Law Society for the government to put it aside to focus on leaving the EU.

June 27th, 2017

BSB consults on extending cab-rank rule to direct access cases – but comes out against it


The Bar Standards Board has argued against extending the cab-rank rule to direct access work, on the grounds that access to justice would not improve, it might discourage them from taking instructions from the public, and may lead to clients invoking the rule inappropriately.

June 27th, 2017

Vos: Crucial to post-Brexit Britain that international smart contracts are subject to English law

Sir Geoffrey Vos

There needs to be work to ensure the underlying legal system for smart contracts is English or UK law as part of efforts to Brexit-proof the UK legal system, the Chancellor of the High Court said last week. Sir Geoffrey Vos said: “It remains crucial that we lead the world in legal services post-Brexit.”

June 27th, 2017

Legal Futures Report


This Legal Futures roundtable report, published in association with Thomson Reuters, looks at what SME law firms are doing to grow their profit margins at a time of economic uncertainty and ever-greater competition. What was so striking about the debate was that despite the very different practices represented around the table, the approach was largely the same. Putting a few lawyers around a table invariably produces a stimulating and challenging discussion, and this was no different.

Legal Futures Blog

Is it time solicitors started taking ethics training more seriously?


The requirement for solicitors to behave ethically in modern legal practice is more relevant than ever. Solicitors are still held in fairly high regard by the public, although that esteem is on the wane according to last year’s Trusted Professions poll by Ipsos Mori. Lawyers are less trusted than teachers and doctors but at least we prevail over accountants and bankers. We still hold a position of trust but we must work to hold that position. The current Solicitors Regulation Authority proposals to revise the Handbook are evidence that work still needs to be done.

June 21st, 2017